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Корнейчук Виктор Архипович ФОП

Проверено PalGuru Ukraine, 13400, Zytomyr

We manufacture new wooden pallets, wooden boxes, wooden stakes.


Проверено PalGuru Ukraine, Luck

Pallets are made on the automatic lines "STORTI", "OMEV", on the lines - semi-automatic «TEPAL». This ensures high quality manufactured wood pallets, according to European standards. The presence...


Проверено PalGuru Ukraine, Vinnycja

«Terts» ltd. has been active on the pallet market for more than 20 years - since 1993. Year after year we have expanded from a small saw-mill site to a powerful wooden tare manufacturer with roundw...

ФОП Боднар І.В

Проверено PalGuru Ukraine, Lviv

Our pallets-ideal balance between price and quality. All pallets are stream quality control at all stages of production. High standard of quality, it is the experience of many years of work and the...


Проверено PalGuru Latvia, LV-3018, 30 Jelgava

Pēterkoks - pallet manufacturer and supplier in Europe. In 2007th we established a company with the goal of becoming the region's largest and most professional wooden packaging and delivery bu...

Palettenhof Inc.

Проверено PalGuru Lithuania, Vilnius

Permanent export of following pallets to Holland and Germany: First Choice Euro Pallets A/B Second Choice Euro Pallets 120 x 80 Simple Heavy Pallet 120 x 80 Simple Light Pallet 120 x 10...

IE Alexander Baranovsky

Проверено PalGuru Belarus, Minsk

used pallet trader


Проверено PalGuru Latvia, 10 Riga

sia SONA TRADE can produce industrial wood products non-standard pallets(cargo construction,non-standard platform) special wooden wedges special wooden blocks(for example, special round blocks) ...

JSC Rolandris * pallets-export.com

Проверено PalGuru Lithuania, Raseiniai

Wooden Pallets first quality (II quality optional) standard and nonstandard: 400×600, 600×800, 1200×800, 1000×1200, 800×1600, according customers drawings or specification. Please do not hesitate...

SIA "Trīspadsmitb"

Проверено PalGuru Latvia, 42 Valmiera

Company established on 25 April 2006. Principal building, and wood - different types of mats and wooden boxes manufacture. We perform all types of orders. Every year the company increased productio...